How You Can Prevent A/C Repairs

No matter where you live in Arizona, it can get unbearably hot in the summer months. Even when it is no longer summer, the weather is still hot. To keep your home comfortable, you want to ensure that your air conditioning is running efficiently. By taking a few easy steps to maintain your air conditioning, you can prevent expensive air conditioning repairs.

1) Begin With a Clean Air Filter

One of the worst things you can do to your air conditioning is to run it with a dirty filter. When the filter is dirty, your AC has to work harder. When your unit works harder, it causes more significant wear and tear faster. The air filter protects your cooling system from allergens, fine dust particles, and animal dander. When you have a dirty air filter, it cannot trap the particles you do not want to circulate inside your home. As a result, a dirty air filter reduces airflow and causes uneven cooling. These are some of the most common problems with your home air conditioning. Parts of Arizona are dusty, and a clean air filter limits the dust coming into your home.

2) Inspect the Thermostat

A great way to reduce air conditioning repairs is to inspect the thermostat for a few minutes. When you see the dust on the outside of your thermostat, chances are there is also dust on the inside. You can easily clean the outside of the thermostat with a clean cloth. You want to use a soft brush on the inside. When giving your thermostat a tube-up, you should replace the batteries. When you put the cover back on, you should then test the thermostat.

To test your thermostat, you:

  • Set it to cool and fan to auto
  • Turn it up a few degrees
  • Wait five minutes for it to turn on

If your air conditioner still does not turn on, contact One Stop Heating and Cooling to determine the cause.

3) Do Not Forget the Vent

Air vents are crucial to limiting the number of expensive repairs you face. However, when the vents are blocked, they prevent proper airflow. In addition, furniture and boxes often get in the way of proper airflow. An easy fix for this is to take a walk around your house to see if there is anything blocking your vents. Allowing air to flow correctly allows your air conditioning to pump cold air into your entire home. It also relieves the stress that your ac unit feels.

4) Inspect Your Ductwork

The ducts are an essential component of your air conditioning system. The ducts are connected to air vents, which means proper maintenance of your ducts means less concern about poor airflow. Over time, ducts may begin to crack, which may let air escape. When ductwork ages, it may sag and then break. If you have a basement that is not finished, you can easily check your ducts. However, if you cannot get to your ducts, you should contact the professionals at One Stop Heating & Cooling to inspect ducts.

5) Clean the Unit Outside

There are many things that can impact your AC unit that sits outside of your house. When the condenser coils are dirty, they will blow hot air. If there is not enough lubrication or blocked lines, they can also cause the unit to blow hot air. If the coils are dirty, your unit may take longer to cool your house. If your AC needs in-depth cleaning or repairs, you should leave that to the experts. You can, however, clean the outside of the unit. You also want to trim any grass or shrubs around the unit.

To clean the condenser coils you:

  • Remove the grill and unit cover
  • Remove all debris and dust from the coil
  • Remove any buildup with a hose

6) Maintenance Agreement

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to care for your air conditioning system. When you have regular maintenance by a professional, it can help prevent the most common problems. For example, you can expect that the air filter is changed, the ductwork is inspected, and the condenser coils are cleaned. You can also expect that a technician will check the refrigerant level, lubrication, mechanical parts, and air quality during regular maintenance visits. A maintenance agreement can be your first line of defense against all of the common problems associated with an air conditioning unit.

You Are Not Alone

You do not have to deal with your air conditioning problems or maintenance on your own. One Stop Heating & Cooling has trained technicians available to help you with all of your air conditioning needs. They are a family-owned company that has been in business for many years. They believe in quality work and strong customer service. Contact them today to see how they can help you.