Heating Replacement & Installation in Phoenix

Even though we’re known for our year-round sunny skies here in Arizona, we’re still no strangers to cold. Temperatures dip in the evenings, and they can get downright freezing in winter months. To stay comfortable as well as prevent cold damage, all Phoenix homeowners should have a good heating system.

At One Stop Heating and Cooling, our team of experienced technicians is here to help you with all of your heating needs. Whether you’re building a new home and need an all-new heating system, have an older installation that is overdue for replacement, or you simply want to upgrade, we can help with all steps of the process.

Give our HVAC company in Phoenix a call or shoot us a message to learn more about your heating options and schedule an appointment. In the meantime, read on to learn more about heating replacement and heating installation in your home.

When is it Time to Replace Your Heating System?

There’s nothing worse than finding out your heat doesn’t work properly right in the middle of a cold weather streak. Pay close attention to your heater, especially if it’s been a while since you last switched it on. If you notice any of the following signs, you may be due for some extensive repairs or a full system replacement:

• Clunking or Grinding Noises – Any noises are cause for concern, but loud clunking, banging, or grinding means you need to switch the system off right away and give our team a call.
• Uneven Heating – Modern systems heat homes evenly throughout. If you notice any cold or uneven spots, it’s probably time to replace the system.
• It Keeps Switching Off – If your system keeps switching off by itself, then it may no longer be able to keep up. Likewise, you shouldn’t keep having to reset it.
• Visible Signs of Wear – You shouldn’t see any cracks, rust or excessive dust around your heater. If you are, your home could be in need of heating replacement.

In addition to noticing physical problems with your heating, it’s also important to take the system’s age into account. If it is more than 10 years old, it’s at least time to have a professional look at it. There have been numerous changes to heating installation over the years, and today’s systems are more efficient and effective than ever. Even if your old system is still technically working, you could save on your energy bills by upgrading.

On that note, you may be due for an upgrade if you find your heating costs are running high even if your system is not that old. Likewise, replacing your current system is also a good idea if you are expanding or otherwise renovating your home.

What Type of Heating System is Best for Your Home?

As an HVAC company in Phoenix with years of experience, we’ve worked with all different kinds of homes and heating systems. We will work with you to figure out your specific heating needs and determine what kind of heating system may work best for you.

Our heating installation services include all major types of systems, including (but not limited to):

Gas Furnaces

Uses gas (either natural or synthetic) as the heating source, which comes with high efficiency and can be adjusted to the exact temperature you want.

Gas Pack

Also a combination heating and cooling system, a gas pack uses energy sources like electricity or gas for heating (instead of just redistributing air).

Hybrid System

Also referred to as “Dual Fuel” systems, these utilize different kinds of energy sources to help keep your costs down while remaining environmentally efficient.

Oil Furnace

Uses oil as the heating source, which burns hotter than gas. This allows you to heat your home swiftly and in much less time than other systems.

Heat Pump

Combines heating and cooling into the same system, offering simplicity and convenience. A great choice for warmer climates like Arizona, heat pumps redistribute hot air either inside or outside the home depending on the need.