Ductless HVAC Replacement & Installation In Phoenix, AZ

During the hot Arizona months, the last thing you need is an air conditioning unit that doesn’t work. And, when your HVAC system does go out, it can be very confusing to find a new one because of the many types to chose from. If your unit is older, it’s often better to stop spending money on AC repair and buy a new unit.

One of the types you can opt for is a ductless system. They have been available for many years, but are becoming more popular. Ductless systems are great for those who never had air conditioning and want to install it – you’ll save money because you don’t need ducts installed throughout your house.

If you need or want a new air conditioning system contact One Stop Heating and Cooling about our Ductless HVAC installation.

How One Stop Heating and Cooling Can Help with Ductless HVAC Installation

Because buying a new air conditioning unit, whether you are replacing an old unit or installing air conditioning for the first, time, it is a sizable investment. You need to know that the company you choose is one you can trust for the best job possible. Our experienced technicians professionally install ductless HVAC units that reduce repairs and electric bills. Newer units are built to be more energy efficient, plus an older unit naturally gets less efficient over time.

One Stop Heating and Cooling in Phoenix has ductless systems that can save you money on installation, especially for those who have old ducts that need to be replaced, or for those who have never had air conditioning and do not have ducts.

Types of Ductless HVAC Systems

One Stop Heating and Cooling has three types of ductless HVAC systems. We will come out to your home to look at several factors to help determine which system is best for your house. The three types include ceiling-mounted systems, ceiling cassette systems, and wall-mounted systems. We will take into consideration the style of your home and your wants and needs when we recommend which type of ductless HVAC installation is best for you.

Once we look at your home and discuss what you will need to keep your home comfortable in the Phoenix summer heat, we will give you a written quote and make an appointment with you to start the professional installation of your new ductless HVAC system.

Ductless HVAC System Advantages

The biggest advantage of the ductless system is that you can control many of the indoor units separately. Thus, if you like to sleep in a 65-degree room, but your kids prefer 75 degrees, you can adjust each unit as needed. Additional benefits include:

• Ductless units are very efficient. They deliver cool air at a lower cost and more efficiently than standard units.
• You never have to worry about cleaning and patching ducts, or having to rehang ducts when the hanging strips break. Since you can remove the ducts, you also have less entry points for mice and other critters to make their way into your home.
• Mount them anywhere. If you choose wall units, you can mount them near the ceiling or closer to the floor. You can mount the ceiling units anywhere on the ceiling, too. If you don’t want cold air blowing directly over the sofa, put the unit elsewhere.
• Installation is quick and easy.
• Ductless units have excellent filtration systems that optimize the flow of air, and because of this, they provide cleaner air.

Contact One Stop Heating and Cooling in Phoenix for Ductless HVAC Installation

Contact One Stop Heating and Cooling in Phoenix if you are having trouble with your air conditioning system. If your system cannot be economically repaired, we will help you choose a new system. Otherwise we can repair your old system.