Air Conditioning Repair In Phoenix, AZ

In the warm climate of Phoenix, air conditioning is an important component of remaining cool and comfortable. If your air conditioning begins to malfunction, you want to know the number of the best air conditioning repair companies in the city. You want to find someone who can come right away to get your air conditioning working optimally again.

At One Stop Heating and Cooling, you will have the benefit of working with highly qualified technicians who offer upfront pricing and convenient scheduling, all dedicated to helping you remain comfortable in your home.

When should you call a Phoenix air conditioning repair company?

If you notice any of these problems beginning with your air conditioning, it is time to call an AC repair company to ensure that your HVAC system continues to work well.
Loud or unusual noises coming from the air conditioning system.

An AC system that is working will be relatively quiet. Although you might hear some gentle whirring noises, generally the AC system should not make noises loud enough to disturb you. If you notice that the AC appears louder than normal or it is making unusual noises, such as pops or bangs, then you will want to call your AC repair company.

These types of noises can have a variety of causes, from a screw loose to a major problem in the internal system of the unit. Address any problem like this as quickly as possible, before it has the chance to get worse.

Your house no longer feels comfortably cool

If you notice that the temperature of your home is increasing and that the AC system no longer works as efficiently as it should, this can also be an indication that something is malfunctioning with the system itself. Failing to call your AC repairman can lead to the problem getting progressively worse until the system stops working altogether. It can also result in extremely high utility bills, as your energy system continues to try and power the AC system so that it can successfully lower your home’s temperature.

The AC unit will not turn on or experiences electrical problems

If you begin to notice electrical problems with your AC unit, such as a system that continually trips your breaker, dims your lights, or simply does not turn on then you will want to call your emergency AC repair company. Electrical issues can present serious and potentially dangerous problems for the home. Calling your AC repair company as soon as possible will help to protect the home.

When it comes to finding the best AC repair company Phoenix residents can ask for, look no further than One Stop Heating and Cooling. We will help you take care of your HVAC system, ensuring it will be there for you and your loved ones for years to come.

The home starts to smell musty

One of the functions of an AC system is to help reduce the humidity in the air, which in turn keeps the home more comfortable. However, when the AC system does not work well, then it will leave moisture behind in the air. The increase in moisture can then lead to more mildew and mold developing in the home. You will likely uncover these problems by the ‘musty’ smell they produce.

If the AC unit also has any problems with its water drainage system, this can also cause water damage to the home, including the growth of mold or mildew. Clogged drains or other problems can all lead to water buildup in your home, which in turn will create problems for your air quality and home condition.

For many people, this mildew and mold can also be dangerous. For people with respiratory ailments, like asthma, it can make it difficult to breathe. Many people also find that the development of mold and mildew irritates their allergies, increasing their discomfort.

Working with a Phoenix emergency AC repair company helps you alleviate these air pollutants and improve the health of everyone living in the home.