AC Replacement & Installation In Phoenix, AZ

In a climate like Phoenix, Arizona, AC replacement & installation is a requirement for maintaining a comfortable home and a high quality of life. When the heat of the summer hits, no one wants to find themselves trying to get by without this incredible appliance.

Buying a new AC, however, can leave many customers with questions and confusion. With so many models and options, how do you know which one to pick? And how should customers find the company that can provide them with the best installation services?

At One Stop Heating and Cooling, we bring the experience and expertise needed to help customers create the environment they want inside their home. Our understanding of the different AC units, along with the professionalism of our highly-trained technicians, work together to create an installation process that will exceed your expectations.

How One Stop Heating and Cooling will help you with your AC installation

Buying a new AC requires a sizable investment. You want to know that the company you hire to get it hooked up to your home has the skills needed to do the best job possible. A new AC can help you manage your energy costs. Newer machines operate more efficiently, which in turn makes it easier to control the operating costs. You will be able to keep your home comfortable for less than you did with an older model.

The right AC installation company in Phoenix can also help you set up your air conditioning unit and reduce the need for repair visits. As AC units age, they tend to need more regular repair efforts. By replacing the unit and installing the optimal new AC for your space, you will reduce the need for repairs.

With optimal AC replacement & installation, you can also experience greater comfort within your home. Newer models of AC tend to run quieter. They also work better at providing a universally comfortable climate within your home, reducing the ‘hot spots’, humidity, or rising temperatures you may have had with your old unit.

When is it time for AC replacement & installation?

Knowing when it is time to replace your old AC unit can help you maintain a comfortable climate in your home. If you find yourself experiencing any of these situations with your current AC unit, it may be time to call One Stop Heating and Cooling to see if you should buy a new AC unit.

  • Your home no longer remains cool consistently

    As AC units age, they do not work as efficiently. This means that it may take more energy to reach your targeted temperature inside and there may be more ‘hot spots’ throughout the home.

  • You begin to find mold and mildew where you once had no problems

    AC units also work to reduce the moisture in the air of your home. If you find more mold and mildew in your home, it is a good indication that your AC is not removing the humidity that it should, which also can cause respiratory or other health problems.

  • Your AC unit makes odd noises

    Odd noises can be one of the first signs that the parts of the AC system do not work together the way they should, which therefore signals that you may need to replace it.

  • You find yourself needing to call for AC repairs significantly more than you used to

    Although occasional calls to a repairman should not be cause for concern, if you find yourself regularly picking up the phone to get a professional to fix your unit, it can be a sign that the time has come to just replace it.

Buying a new AC and thinking about AC replacement and installation can help you plan ahead to protect your home and your comfort. At One Stop heating and Cooling, we have the expertise you need to keep your home comfortable all year round in the Phoenix climate.