5 Signs You Need To Call AC Repair

Summer’s heating up, and there’s no better time to make sure your air conditioning is working as it should. Even minor AC unit problems can spell disaster if left unchecked, and full seasons of heavy use can cause wear and tear on units both new and old.

While it’s always a good idea to call in a professional to assess your AC unit if it’s been sitting unchecked for years (or if you’ve recently moved into a new home), there are some key signs that indicate you shouldn’t wait. Here are five signs you need to call AC repair now: 

1. You Can’t Get ‘Cold’

At its highest settings, your air conditioning should feel not just cool, but downright cold. If you’re finding that you have to keep cranking up the power to get cool air or you can’t get cold no matter what you try, there may be a mechanical problem. Likewise, the temperature should not be fluctuating once you set it. Definitely call for AC repair if you notice you are often adjusting the temperature just to maintain an evenly cool temperature. 

2. You Aren’t Getting Good Airflow

Air conditioning has come a long way over the years, and these days there’s no excuse for poor airflow. When your AC is on, you should be able to feel the cool air flowing evenly out of the vents. If you feel like your air conditioning is weak, that it’s short-cycling (stopping and re-starting) or you notice that it just doesn’t cool the space very well, it’s time to have a professional take a look.

3. You Hear Noises

When your AC is working as it should, the only noise you should hear is the low, gentle hum of air flowing. In fact, it should barely be noticeable. If you notice any thumping, grinding, whirring, whining, banging, or any other kind of noise, you should turn off your AC (to prevent major damage) and call an experienced technician. The good news is that scary noises do not always indicate a serious problem, but it’s important to get them checked out as soon as possible. 

4. It’s Leaking

A tiny amount of condensation isn’t usually cause for concern, but any kind of leaking is. Your AC should never leak anything, and if it is, you probably have a problem with the refrigerant. And don’t wait to fix it, because ignoring the problem can mean serious mechanical issues later on. 

5. Your Bill is Too High

Don’t assume that high energy bills are just a part of running your AC. In fact, it’s a myth that cooling a home costs more than heating it (the opposite is usually true). If your cooling bills are running consistently high, your AC unit could have an issue that’s making it work too hard. 

When you notice AC issues, time is of the essence to get them fixed. Continued use of the unit can only worsen things and result in more extensive fixes. Furthermore, the beginning of summer is the best time to get your air conditioning working properly. Not only will you ensure your comfort for the entire season, but waiting too long can mean getting stuck in the mid-summer influx of other people trying to get their AC units fixed. Don’t wait to call in the pros!